Natural Environment


Natural Environment


Lesvos captivates the visitor with its rare natural beauty as its landscape is full of variations and contrasts. The island combines many different elements – from the clean sandy beaches and their crystal clear waters, the volcanic landscapes, the hidden waterfalls, the precious wetlands, to the endless olive groves and pine forests.

The unique and charming landscape of western Lesvos is also composed of mountainous settlements with their stone-built buildings and traditional cafes, the thermal baths, the rich fauna with its rare orchids and the sandy beaches overlooking the volcanic rocks.

In the western part of the island, the natural environment is completely different from that of the eastern part. The olive groves perched on inaccessible slopes are replaced by a lunar landscape with unique rock hues, the result of intense volcanic activity in the area 20 million years ago.

The ecological richness of Lesvos is attested by the large number of important wetlands it hosts, which are mainly located in its western part, with the largest being the coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Kalloni. The wetlands are a refuge and breeding ground for numerous rare and protected bird species.

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